2526 Trees Planted

157 Veggie Gardens Planted
1 500 People being fed
from our Gardens
“Give a man a vegetable and feed him for a day.
But teach him how to grow his own vegetables and feed him for life.”

Our vision is to get kids excited about the environment by nurturing budding horticulturists and instilling a sense of
ownership and pride in the students. We also teach children to
grown their own food, so that the welfare and upkeep of the trees
and veggie gardens will be passed on from generation to generation for continued sustainability and environmental awareness.
In an initiative to lower the Townhouse Hotel & Conference Centre's impact on the environment and play a dynamic role in responsible tourism. They have partnered with Trees4Schools to plant trees and veggies on behalf of their conferencing customers and will be donating R1 on behalf of each delegate to Trees4Schools. They will also be encourage their guests to participate by matching or bettering their donation. Thank you Townhouse Hotel & Conference Centre for working towards a sustainable South Africa! 

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