In 2008, Suzi Nortje, MD of Miko Coffee’s Fairtrade Coffee brand Puro was looking for a local initiative to contribute a percentage of its turnover to – internationally the Puro Brand contributes 2% of it’s turnover to the World Land Trust to buy and protect rainforest in Ecuador.
She was adamant that she wanted a partner who would:
  1. Plant trees in schools
  2. Educate the children in the process
After looking for an exact match to her requirements and unable to find the right partner, Suzi decided to do it on her own – and so the first seed of Trees4schools was sown.
It was quickly realised that although trees were of utmost importance, so too was helping the kids and teachers to feed themselves.  And so assisted by her fellow trustees – the green-fingered Ian Loots and the ever-organised Pascale Hoare – the Trees4Schools Trust grew from strength to strength, campaigning to plant as many trees and veggie gardens as possible in local initiatives that feed, educate and look after children.
Trees4Schools is no longer only supported by the Puro Brand (although Puro continues to be a loyal contributor), but is now also assisted by some of the biggest names in bath the gardening and hospitality worlds.

  • To utilise the project as an educational tool at the schools involved and get kids excited about our environment.
  • To teach children to grow their own food.
  • To create a sense of ownership and pride amongst the students, so that the welfare and upkeep of the trees and veggie gardens will be passed on from generation to generation.
  • To allow each school that receives trees to then nominate other schools, thereby promoting a sense of fellowship and community.
  • To promote sustainability and a continued sense of environmental awareness.
  • To nurture budding horticulturists and instill excitement.

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