We only plant trees to Southern Africa and try to stick to those endemic of the area some of which include:
Milkwood Sideroxylon inerme – one of South Africa’s protected trees and one of these trees is SA’s third National Monument – a tree called 'Fingo Milkwood Tree' near Peddie in the Eastern Cape. The Fingo people affirmed their loyalty to God and the British king under the tree after English soldiers led them to safety when Chief Hintza and his warriors pursued them.
Yellowwood Podocarpus latifolius – another protected tree because In the past, the yellowwoods were so sought after as timber trees, that from being an abundant resource they became almost extinct in some areas. Yellowwood furniture commands high prices today because of its rarity.
Natal Num-Num Carissa bispinosa – a great barrier and a tasty treat to eat!
Waterbessie Syzygium cordatum – aka Umdoni, the bitter-tasting fresh fruit is eaten raw or used to make an alcoholic drink. A good quality jelly can be cooked from the ripe fruit.
Karee Rhus lancea – one of about 36 South African Rhus species, which reach tree size.

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